500 Random Dialogue Questions

Randomly generated question list. Refresh the page for different questions.

Question List
HDIF when I want you and you are too tired to respond?
Are we seeking and getting the support of other committed couples for our relationship? HDIFAT?
If I could take you any place, where would I take you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I get the silent treatment from you?
Where do I like to make love? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am working and you are relaxing?
HDIF about giving a month's worth of dialogue questions to a favorite couple?
How do I see God's love reflected through you? HDIFAT?
How well do I forgive you when you ask for it? HDIFAT?
Are we a supercouple? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are in each other's arms after we make love?
HDIF when it is time to leave a tip for the table server?
Do I think the kids need a back-to-school wardrobe? HDIFAT?
When do I let my temper get in the way of making a good decision? HDIFAT?
How does my attitude toward your father affect us? HDIFAT?
How do I fail sometimes as a good listener? HDIFAT?
What are my thoughts about dialoguing regularly? HDIFAT?
After a fight: When did I feel most trapped? What was that emotion / feeling like?
What blocks to listening are in our relationship? HDIFAT?
What excites me most about you? HDIFAT?
What would I like to do now, so I will not regret not doing it twenty years from now? HDIFAT?
What is our relationship with God, today? HDIFAT?
Do I recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread? HDIFAT?
HDIF about Christ being born in our relationship?
HDIF when you give me a surprise?
What area of my relationship with my people do I need to work on? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I get a surprise note or phone call from you?
Do I consider myself gullible or skeptical? HDIFAT?
Would I like to plan some changes in our life this next year? HDIFAT?
What part of the Passion is most significant to me? HDIFAT?
Describe a time when I felt indifferent. HDIFAT?
HDIF just before mass or church? HDIFAT?
Do I judge our success by how many possessions we have? HDIFAT?
HDIF about watching TV in our bedroom?
Do I ever change what I write or say to avoid conflict or argument? HDIFAT?
When I am pressured by time, How do I respond to you? HDIFAT?
How old or young do I feel? HDIFAT?
What barrier do I have the hardest time overcoming in order to love you? HDIFAT?
Do I try to decide which emotions / feelings are OK to admit having? HDIFAT?
Have I ever witnessed a baby being born? HDIFAT?
HDIF knowing your emotions / feelings express who you are?
What good quality do you see in me that I doubt the most? HDIFAT?
Do I have a problem forgiving myself for things I do that are hurtful to others? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I try to hold my temper?
HDIF when I picture us walking barefoot together on the beach?
What do my friends say behind my back? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the little things you do for me?
HDIF sharing the holidays with you?
Are we involved with other couples who share our marriage values? HDIFAT?
How important is physical affection to me? HDIFAT?
In what way have I changed recently? HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone eats the last cookie?
HDIF about our activities in the marriage program?
Does our sexual relationship affect our closeness? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What pitfalls keep our fighting from being constructive? HDIFAT?
Do I have unmet needs that lead me to be a married single? HDIFAT?
Am I better at giving without remembering, or taking without forgetting? HDIFAT?
What simple pleasure brings me the greatest satisfaction? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I receive a card from you in the mail?
What good effect has the example of my parents' relationship had on ours? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our sexual relationship?
Do I close my eyes to my people's faults? HDIFAT?
When was the first time I knew you were the one for me? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What did I do to shut you off? HDIFAT?
How are we working for the coming of His kingdom? HDIFAT?
Who should I thank that I have not thanked? HDIFAT?
The children do not want to hold my hand anymore. HDIFAT?
How does the modern world keep us from reaching out to other people? HDIFAT?
What is my awareness of us as a couple right now? HDIFAT?
HDIF about buying expensive wine, luggage or watches?
What part does God play in our sexual communication? HDIFAT?
When was I most aware of you today? HDIFAT?
What special gift of myself do I offer to my people today? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I hear that friends of ours are separating / getting divorced?
What were my emotions / feelings as we experienced the weekend finale on Sunday night? HDIFAT?
How well do I show my love to God? HDIFAT?
Do I accept my mistakes and learn from them? HDIFAT?
If I could relive any moment from our past, what would it be? HDIFAT?
Do I believe we are called to be a sacramental couple? HDIF accepting this vocation?
HDIF when I let my emotions / feelings get the better of me?
Is there enough laughter and relaxation in our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you say no to one of my requests?
HDIF about the death of one of our children?
HDIF putting things off until the last minute?
Is privacy an issue in our marriage? HDIFAT?
Where am I with you and God today? HDIFAT?
Do I use alcohol or drugs to relax or alleviate pressure? HDIFAT?
What is the side of me I least like people (especially you) to see? HDIFAT?
HDIF about helping teach someone?
What is the first thing I would put in a dream box? HDIFAT?
Do I give more than I receive, or receive more than I give? HDIFAT?
HDIF about winning? Do I brag about it?
What is the one thing in life I have not done that I regret not doing? HDIFAT?
Does my mast (personality style) interfere with our lovemaking? HDIFAT?
What kind of store would I like to own and operate? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our time (or lack there of) for relaxation and entertainment?
HDIF about watching a sunrise?
Is our life together a celebration of love? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our vacation being over?
With our children, am I more likely to be strict or permissive? HDIFAT?
HDIF about celebrating Easter for seven Sundays?
What part of my body do I like to have massaged? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I hear love is a decision?
What have I given away? HDIFAT?
How are you like your mother? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you ask me to make love to you?
HDIF about traveling on the train?
HDIF about life after death?
When was the last time we called our special friends just to tell them we love them? HDIFAT?
How do I behave when I am experiencing pain or disillusionment in our marriage? HDIFAT?
Am I usually tentative or vigorous in implementing my decisions? HDIFAT?
Is one of us always the first to forgive? HDIFAT?
What little kindness did I do today to spread love around? HDIFAT?
If I were picking a wedding song for us today, I would choose _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when we read the Passion during Holy Week?
How has dialogue helped me meet my need for love? HDIFAT?
Do I value sentiment more than logic or vice versa? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you laugh at my jokes?
What is my ideal date with you? HDIFAT?
If I could change one and only one thing about the world, I would change _____. HDIFAT?
What can I do to make myself more available to my people? HDIFAT?
HDIF when our children whine?
How could we support the marriages of our relatives? HDIFAT?
HDIF when a teacher does not like my child?
HDIF about our relationship with each other's parents?
What do I think you secretly worry about the most? HDIFAT?
HDIF about someone who has died in our family?
Do I express my emotions / feelings spontaneously? HDIFAT?
What is the meaning of Lent to me? HDIFAT?
What is the most effective way to communicate forgiveness? HDIFAT?
Do I try to control or hide my emotions / feelings? HDIFAT?
Only _____ days until Christmas. Is my heart ready? HDIFAT?
What is the greatest gift you could give me? HDIFAT?
HDIF I can be more fully present to you?
In what areas or ways do I compete against you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about going to bed earlier or waking earlier so we have time for us?
What topics are most likely to result in me picking a fight? HDIFAT?
Is thoughtfulness an important aspect of our relationship? HDIFAT?
What is a meaningful sacrifice for me to make that will enrich my spiritual life? HDIFAT?
Sometimes I want to escape and be by myself. HDIFAT?
What problems do we have because of differing values? HDIFAT?
How are we living God's plan and what can I do to improve it? HDIFAT?
HDIF when our lovemaking is interrupted?
What do I find most difficult to talk about because of my mask (personality style)? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we make the issue more important than the relationship?
HDIF about the way I dress around you?
HDIF when I get up at night when the baby cries?
How are we teaching our children about sexuality? HDIFAT?
HDIF about staying home with you?
HDIF when I get an answering machine instead of a live person?
The one area which needs the most work in our relationship is _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF commemorating the Last Supper?
What is my most compulsive habit? HDIFAT?
Why am I most likely to tell you no when you want to make love? HDIFAT?
HDIF about sharing our dinner table with strangers?
I most want to be sexually involved with you when _____. HDIFAT?
What am I willing to do to make our dialogue more regular? HDIFAT?
Do I need a little romance to get in the mood for making love? HDIFAT?
What is the level of our communication when we are home together? HDIFAT?
What happens when I am still lonely or feel used after we make love? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are traveling in bad weather?
What is my biggest barrier to forgiving one of my people when I feel hurt? HDIFAT?
HDIF paying someone a compliment?
Why do I keep information from you? What am I afraid of? HDIFAT?
What activities are we involved in that cause friction in the family? HDIFAT?
Describe a time when I felt out of control.
HDIF knowing there is a chance that today could be my last day on earth?
HDIF giving our time to help other people?
HDIF when we are too tired to be lovers?
What makes me feel degraded? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are away and I miss you?
What is an attitude I had about sex entering marriage? HDIFAT?
What is a good husband / good wife and do I measure up? HDIFAT?
HDIF when my creative juices are flowing?
Describe a time when I felt negative. HDIFAT?
What does our church mean to me? HDIFAT?
Am I growing spiritually? HDIFAT?
How do I deal with injustices? HDIFAT?
When am I most frustrated with you? HDIFAT?
Can I identify with hurting couples? HDIFAT?
Do I ever keep quiet because I do not know what to say? HDIFAT?
How do I love thee? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my temper and what I do when I lose it?
HDIF about going to heaven with you?
Do I accept compliments easily? HDIFAT?
If I could experience the weekend again, what part would I re-live and why? HDIFAT?
HDIF about other couples supporting us?
HDIF when one of our children is honored and the others are left out?
HDIF when I hug another Christian?
Is demanding a problem in our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are not there when I need you?
HDIF when our other activities become more important than the two of us?
When was the last time I brought Christ's love to the world? HDIFAT?
What is one of the happiest times I remember spending with you lately? HDIFAT?
When have I felt alone this fall? HDIFAT?
Do I eat or drink diet foods? HDIFAT?
What negative emotions / feelings do I experience most frequently? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I invite you to go bike riding with me?
Our lifestyle is a reflection of our values. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see your best qualities in our children?
HDIF being around people who are chronically indecisive?
HDIF when you smile?
HDIF about where I am this year compared to last year at this time?
Do I let people know often enough how much I appreciate the things they do? HDIFAT?
I have made a promise and cannot keep it. HDIFAT?
Where we live is _____ to me. HDIFAT?
When is the last time I forgave you, and HDIFAT?
HDIF about accepting our life together as a gift from Our Father?
What one thing did we do this week to foster passion in our relationship? HDIFAT?
Which of life's pleasures do I enjoy the most? HDIFAT?
When do I close my heart to you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see the beauty of God's creation? HDIFAT?
Do I try to make the world a better place? HDIFAT?
Do I have the self-discipline to fulfill the responsibilities I have taken on? HDIFAT?
HDIF about trusting God for all our needs?
Does TV have a negative or positive effect on my life? HDIFAT?
Would people be more likely to call me warm and sympathetic, or cold and aloof? HDIFAT?
What is the riskiest thing I have ever done? HDIFAT?
How far back can I trace my family tree? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have the urge to surprise you with an unexpected gift?
HDIF about yard work?
HDIF when I express opinions contrary to yours?
Do I believe we are part of God's plan? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What was the worst fight we ever had? HDIFAT?
We have a meeting to attend and no baby-sitter. HDIFAT?
HDIF about springtime bursting forth all around us?
Do I have a strong sex drive? HDIFAT?
What are my priorities in life? HDIFAT?
HDIF when my family makes demands on us?
HDIF when my life is slow-paced, unstructured and laid back?
HDIF after I have exercised my right to vote?
HDIF about pacifiers?
What does being a couple mean to me? HDIFAT?
My favorite time of day is _____. HDIFAT?
Do I eat in response to my emotions / feelings? HDIFAT?
How often do we need to see before we believe? HDIFAT?
What little annoyances am I having trouble accepting? HDIFAT?
HDIF when other people notice our togetherness?
Is our family being short-changed by our Encounter / Retrouvaille involvement? HDIFAT?
What foods do I like the best? HDIFAT?
If I could receive a sixth sense, what would it be? HDIFAT?
When recently have I shared an emotion / feeling that I did not want to have? HDIFAT?
Jesus ascended into heaven. HDIFAT?
What is the most significant effect of our experiencing the weekend or follow-up sessions? HDIFAT?
What is most likely to result when I cry? HDIFAT?
How do I view the differences between affection and sex? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have a deadline?
HDIF about a big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving?
What have I learned about myself in the past week? HDIFAT?
HDIF about celebrating Thanksgiving with extended family?
HDIF when we are intimate?
HDIF about the time I spend with your family?
How can I stop evil from happening? HDIFAT?
What did I laugh at today? HDIFAT?
HDIF about involving our children in a Lenten tradition?
HDIF about our upcoming vacation?
HDIF when I try to be loving when you want to talk all night?
Do I eat regular, well-balanced meals? HDIFAT?
Do I have a living will clause in your will? HDIFAT?
How do we usually handle conflict in our relationship? HDIFAT?
What is one thing about my health that bothers me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see a characteristic of mine in one of our children?
Am I loud on blame and soft on praise, or the other way around? HDIFAT?
Do I believe in work before play? How does that affect our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think I have let you down?
Do I consult with you when I am making plans? HDIFAT?
When we are alone, we usually talk about _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF after I have said angry words that may have hurt you?
What effect has dialogue made in our daily lives? HDIFAT?
HDIF using the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
Am I holding onto any resentment, bitterness or anger toward my child? HDIFAT?
HDIF about being a godparent?
HDIF about having an interdependent relationship?
Have my eyes been open to seeing the Lord's miracles around me? HDIFAT?
HDIF about laughter during lovemaking?
What do I want our children to be as an adult? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I reach out to touch you?
I am God's hands and feet. HDIFAT?
What are the activities that I most want to plan to do this Christmas? HDIFAT?
Have I ever felt a prayer was unanswered? HDIFAT?
In general, do I give you more criticism or praise? HDIFAT?
One of my big failures in life is _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when you apologize for me?
When was I lonely without you this week? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our contributions to our community?
How long before missing dialogue affects our communication and closeness? HDIFAT?
Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church. HDIFAT?
What charism (strength) do I have from the Spirit that helps the world believe? HDIFAT?
What are your best qualities as a parent? HDIFAT?
What defense mechanisms do I use when I fail to please you? HDIFAT?
Whom do I need to forgive? HDIFAT?
HDIF about going on living with you?
Do I choose sexual intercourse to meet my need to be loved? HDIFAT?
What was my parents' relationship with God like? HDIFAT?
What is my gift to you today? HDIFAT?
Did I ever want a pet that you could not have? HDIFAT?
When was the last time I really made you laugh? HDIFAT?
What are some things others have done for me which have brought me joy or comfort? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we part in the mornings to go our separate ways?
What do I like best and least about you? HDIFAT?
In what ways do I believe I am taken for granted? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my family's aging and health-related problems?
What qualities do I look for in a friend? HDIFAT?
HDIF while we are making love? HDIFAT?
How do I see God reflected through priest or minister? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you accept my emotions / feelings?
After a fight: Am I still pretending not to care? HDIFAT?
Our parents are growing older. HDIFAT?
Holidays are a time for family togetherness. HDIFAT?
When I think about the sacrifices Jesus made for me, HDIF?
HDIF about giving you space when you need it?
HDIF when you hug me after a rough day?
HDIF when I become a married single again?
What has been our craziest date? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you arrive home each day?
What are the positive signs of growth I see in us? HDIFAT?
HDIF about how well I show my love for you?
Who has more fun, adults or children? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am not able to handle the pressures in my life?
Does our home reflect our values? HDIFAT?
What do I want most to give our family? HDIFAT?
How do parish or church finances affect my relationship with my people? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we meet a couple who really needs to experience the weekend?
HDIF when you say, Okay, let's try it your way?
It is suppertime and I have eaten too much. HDIFAT?
Where did I put dialogue on my list of priorities today? HDIFAT?
HDIF about planning a family budget with you?
What do I see in you that makes me love you? HDIFAT?
What can I do to make myself sexier to you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the time we spend with your family?
When time is short, do I handle the situation well, or do I tend to go into panic mode? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we argue because we remember things differently?
When I reflect back on the grades I got in school, HDIFAT?
HDIF when good friends of ours move away?
HDIF about our dialogue?
Weather is affecting our moods. HDIFAT?
HDIF when you use your dialogue letter to try to straighten me out?
How are we active in our parish or church? HDIFAT?
Have any of my dreams come true? HDIFAT?
What new activity or interest could I make space for in my life? HDIFAT?
HDIF about Catholics for Choice?
Is there anything you are doing by yourself that I would like to be involved in? HDIFAT?
Do I challenge others to live their values? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the current political atmosphere in the country?
Do I ask your forgiveness or just say I am sorry? Do I even say I am sorry? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I let you down?
HDIF when we pray together as a family at mealtime?
What are the three closest moments we have shared together? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we miss dialogue?
HDIF being around people who are negative?
Is my self-worth based on the opinion of others? HDIFAT?
Whom do I admire that is a good example? HDIFAT?
How important do I think romance is in our relationship? HDIFAT?
God already knows my heart. HDIFAT?
What can we do be become closer as a family? HDIFAT?
Am I willing to work hard to make my relationship with God a success? HDIFAT?
Can I ride a skateboard? A unicycle? HDIFAT?
Is our sexual relationship a source of intimacy or a source of distance? HDIFAT?
When did I feel closest to God and you in our lovemaking? HDIFAT?
HDIF reading your favorite book?
God loves you more than I do. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I hold the door for you?
HDIF when we sacrifice to help a couple to experience the weekend or follow-up?
Are we keeping our New Year's resolutions? HDIFAT?
Who controls the bed in the house? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I fail to accomplish something I set out to do?
As a child, what is the worst thing your parents made you do? HDIFAT?
In what areas do I feel inferior to you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about following a schedule and making to-do lists?
If I could live my life over again, I would _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about planning a weekly family outing?
Do I take the beauty of God's creation for granted? HDIFAT?
What is the first step I take to cope with the stress in my life? HDIFAT?
HDIF about escaping to a bookstore and having some fun?
All I want for Christmas is _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when friends of ours are having marital problems?
Do I look for new beginnings in endings? HDIFAT?
HDIF about how I spend my time?
When I am embarrassed, what is the best thing someone can do for me? HDIFAT?
Do I cry rarely, occasionally, or easily? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am late and you have to wait for me?
Where do I trust others more than I trust you? HDIFAT?
HDIF falling to sleep beside you? Waking up beside you?
Do I thank my children when they do something for me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are critical of me?
What could I do to help my people understand me better? HDIFAT?
HDIF about learning new things?
God often allows our hearts to be broken so that He can beautify our soul. HDIFAT?
HDIF about ethnic jokes in general?
Does being aggressive make me uncomfortable? HDIFAT?
To what extent do I feel responsible for our children's learning? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am annoyed by the phone?
The one thing I admire and love the most about you is _____. HDIFAT?
What is my listening pattern when you tell me that I am tender? HDIFAT?
HDIF when one of my people goes out of their way to do something nice for me?
Do I make the effort to be a friend to others? HDIFAT?
What are my views about mid-life marriage? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I cannot keep the schedule I have set for myself?
What has our involvement in Encounter / Retrouvaille meant to me? HDIFAT?
What is the area I least want to discuss with you? HDIFAT?
Other than clothing, do I have things I consider to be only mine? HDIFAT?
Do I tend to keep defective merchandise rather than returning it to the store? HDIFAT?
HDIF about supporting the Encounter / Retrouvaille program?
HDIF about making big financial decisions without you?
HDIF when I make a mistake and you point it out?
How much sleep do I need? HDIFAT?
Do I tend to focus too much on myself, or too much on others? HDIFAT?
What would I like to be remembered for? HDIFAT?
Do I worry about being taken for granted? HDIFAT?
What regrets do I have about someone who has died? HDIFAT?
Besides my normal place of worship, where would I most like to celebrate mass / worship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I propose a new sexual experience?
HDIF about apologizing even when I am not convinced I am wrong?
HDIF when we experiment and make love in different ways?
After a fight: When we fight, do we really know what we are fighting about? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the influence of my mother in my life?
How would never having children affect our life? HDIFAT?
Do I try to do too many things at once? HDIFAT?
What was my strongest emotion / feeling today? HDIFAT?
What is broken in my life and in need of mending? HDIFAT?
Our separate interests are drawing us apart. HDIFAT?
When you touch me in the middle of the night, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone plays a practical joke on me?
HDIF about making a will?
Do make sure things are arranged, or just let things happen? HDIFAT?
What expectations of myself do I have? Do I live up to them, or not? HDIFAT?
What do I want most to achieve for us? When? How? HDIFAT?
HDIF about taking food to a shut-in?
HDIF about letting other couples help us when we are hurting?
HDIF about joining a dialogue support group?
Whom do I need to remember today in prayer? HDIFAT?
In groups, I feel _____ and I tend to _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I consider the latest trends and fashions?
How do I behave when I win? HDIFAT?
How are we responding to Jesus' call to be fishers of men? HDIFAT?
What changes do I need to make Faith a value? HDIFAT?
What do I want our children to remember about Christmas in our home? HDIFAT?
HDIF about being neat or tidy?
How well do I concentrate on my people's needs? HDIFAT?
HDIF about disciplining our children in a public place?
HDIF when I am not listened to?
HDIF about re-evaluating how we spend our time?
Do I see myself worthy of you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I give you the benefit of the doubt?
HDIF when I am a tourist?
HDIF when my plans run off the track?
What one thing has most united us this past week? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our experience with the Lord this past week?
What special gift of myself do I offer to you today? HDIFAT?
Mary was open to God's will. Are we? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you gently touch me?
What is it about our sexual relationship that I do not like? HDIFAT?
Do I have my chair or my spot? HDIF when someone else sits there?
What has dialogue taught me about myself? HDIFAT?
HDIF at parties when guests have had too much alcohol?
HDIF when I put activities before our relationship?
How well do I accept criticism from you? HDIFAT?
Till death us part. HDIFAT?
How does my mask (personality style) interfere with our lovemaking? HDIFAT?
HDIF about us when I hear our favorite song?
Where would we turn for help if our families were not available? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think you are paying more attention to others than to me?
What special memory do I have when I look at old family photos? HDIFAT?
Do I prefer glasses or contacts? HDIFAT?
What are we doing for other people, especially the needy ones? HDIFAT?
I most frequently criticize you concerning _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think that you are not recognizing my needs?
HDIF about our trying to de-clutter our home?
What steps can we take to make our impossible dream a reality? HDIFAT?
What are my desires? HDIFAT?
Have we been an example of a working marriage this week? HDIFAT?
When I hear the Lord's call, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when we stick to our budget?
Did your parents ever treat you unfairly? HDIFAT?
HDIF about learning a new dance step with you?
HDIF about your eyes?
What would it be like for you if I died first? HDIFAT?
Do I want a deeper relationship with my people, or do I think it is deep enough? HDIFAT?
Do my personal goals conflict with our goals? HDIFAT?
Do I search for my people's faults like there is a bounty offered? HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone else takes the lead?
Love is patient, love is kind. How does this apply to our family? HDIFAT?
If you are not free to be yourself, you cannot love. HDIFAT?
How much money would we need to retire on? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the time we spend with my family?
How do I see God reflected through our favorite priest or minister? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I flash you a smile?
HDIF about the example we are setting for other couples?
HDIF about dialoguing on death?
How can I be more gentle with myself? HDIFAT?
We mostly live in the middle, between success and failure. HDIFAT?
What is my worst habit? HDIFAT?
When something bad happens to me, do I allow it to affect my relationship with God? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way we spend our money?
What is the area that is most difficult for me to discuss with you? HDIFAT?
What do I value least about our lifestyle? HDIFAT?
HDIF about other people keeping secrets from me?
What routine activity do I hate the most? HDIFAT?
Have I ever thought that you used me sexually? HDIFAT?
What memory of our courting days is most alive today? HDIFAT?