500 Random Dialogue Questions

Randomly generated question list. Refresh the page for different questions.

Question List
How can I keep the winter doldrums from affecting me and those around me? HDIFAT?
What makes me feel most united or coupled? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I sense God's love through you?
HDIF about being unforgiving?
What kind of person would I like to become? HDIFAT?
Am I what I appear to be? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am given a task without guidance or clear expectations?
Does my attitude toward sex lock some doors in our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the sacrifices of family members who have served their country?
HDIF about a receiving a challenge?
HDIF when you say, I can never understand you?
What love do I still remember from someone who has passed away? HDIFAT?
What is my favorite hymn? HDIFAT?
What is the biggest barrier to loving you more? HDIFAT?
Have I ever had to go back on my word? HDIFAT?
How do I see priests / pastors needing our support in their calling? HDIFAT?
Where do I look most for approval, inside or outside? HDIFAT?
Am I strong enough to admit to my people when I make a mistake? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our activities in the marriage program?
How sexy am I? How sexy are you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about teaching Sunday School / CCD / RCIA?
HDIF about going on a weekly date?
Is our marriage bed sacred? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way we celebrated our love on this special occasion?
HDIF about observing Lent?
What did I do today to help someone in need? HDIFAT?
What are my hopes and dreams for my prayer life? HDIFAT?
What is my wildest dream for us? HDIFAT?
HDIF about receiving back rubs?
What friend of my people would I rather not be around? Why? HDIFAT?
How well do I control my temper? HDIFAT?
What is my strongest emotion / feeling about money? HDIFAT?
Am I taking care of my body? HDIFAT?
What do I see in my people that makes me love them? HDIFAT?
HDIF when the telephone interrupts something important?
What is my greatest sexual fantasy? HDIFAT?
What do I want from this relationship right now? HDIFAT?
What is the silliest thing I have ever done in public? HDIFAT?
How could we support the marriages of our friends? HDIFAT?
HDIF knowing Jesus has called me by name?
Would I rate the level of trust in our relationship closer to a 1 or a 10? HDIFAT?
We are different in how we make decisions about money. HDIFAT?
HDIF about celebrating Thanksgiving with extended family?
Do I stand up for what I believe in? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am too tired to sleep?
What person in my family has lived the longest? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we make love with the lights on?
What regrets do I have that detract from my experience of today? HDIFAT?
HDIF about Right to Life issues?
What do I do when I hear people gossiping? HDIFAT?
How well do I show my love to my people? HDIFAT?
Am I good enough to be your husband / wife? HDIFAT?
HDIF approaching Christ as a couple?
What is most threatening to my spiritual growth right now? HDIFAT?
Do I see our needs not as problems or as gifts of God? HDIFAT?
How did I choose my confirmation name? HDIFAT?
Describe a time when I felt exhausted. HDIFAT?
For our growth, we need God to be part of our love relationship. HDIFAT?
Do I ever apologize to you after I have been impatient? HDIFAT?
How do I need to change to make me your favorite person? HDIFAT?
How well do I communicate with my people? HDIFAT?
When I am at a party, HDIF about leaving other people alone to enjoy themselves?
HDIF when we use the grace of healing to forgive each other?
What are my priorities? HDIFAT?
How is our sex life? HDIFAT?
Do I touch my people enough? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What caused my / your / our voices to be raised? HDIFAT?
HDIF about spanking?
How does our ethnic background affect our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the prospect of making love tonight?
HDIF when I wait patiently when you are late?
HDIF when you brag on me to your friends?
HDIF when I am delayed because other people are not punctual?
In the last 24 hours, when was I most aware of God's presence? HDIFAT?
What obstacles do I need to overcome in order to love you better? HDIFAT?
When I reflect back on the grades I got in school, HDIFAT?
When recently has my mask (personality style) interfered in our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I watch scary movies?
HDIF when I am relaxing and you are working?
What effect has my mother had on my life? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our friends who abuse drugs or alcohol?
When I talk with deeply religious people, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
What holiday activity or event do I feel the most stressed about? HDIFAT?
What one thing can I change to improve the atmosphere in our home? HDIFAT?
What thoughts help me to get moving in the morning? HDIFAT?
What is your best quality? HDIFAT?
Do I ever take unfair advantage of our love? HDIFAT?
Do I ever seek support when we are struggling? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I want sex and you do not?
Do I believe white lies are all right? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I receive my partner's personal reflection and dialogue? HDIFAT?
How would I feel going to a school football game and sitting near the band? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am too excited to sleep?
Do our children know what Easter means? HDIFAT?
Would I have been able to stay at the Garden of Gethsemane knowing what was going to happen? HDIFAT?
What am I doing for my own religious education? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I try to understand how much you hurt?
Do I hurt you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my prayer life?
What do you do that tells me you forgive me? HDIFAT?
Is describing my emotions / feelings in a letter easy or hard to do? HDIFAT?
After a fight: When you bring third parties into a fight, HDIFAT?
Am I open to new life? HDIFAT?
How do I behave when I am wrong? HDIFAT?
What image do I have of myself as your sexual partner? HDIFAT?
HDIF reading the Song of Solomon?
HDIF when I decide to love?
What do I think about when I hear the word Christmas? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you have to make a sacrifice for us?
HDIF about being asked to volunteer, as opposed to volunteering on my own?
HDIF about dialoguing on the Sunday scriptures?
I most frequently criticize you concerning _____. HDIFAT?
Do I encourage or discourage myself from expressing my emotions / feelings? HDIFAT?
Is Jesus Lord of my future? HDIFAT?
Do I try to look inside others, or do I look at the surface? HDIFAT?
HDIF about traveling on the train?
HDIF after we had experienced the weekend, but before we left the facility?
HDIF sharing the details of my workday with you?
Do I laugh enough with you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about staying home with you?
Lately, have I accepted your emotions / feelings, merely tolerated them, or rejected them? HDIFAT?
HDIF about Santa Claus?
How much a part of our marriage is God to me right now? HDIFAT?
What are my expectations of you as a husband? HDIFAT?
Does my true self come out under stress? HDIFAT?
Do I prefer to be alone, with 2 or 3 close friends, in a small group, or at a huge gathering? HDIFAT?
Do I ever doubt myself? HDIFAT?
What was the worst day of my life? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I let you down?
What part do our children play in our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF about giving from our substance?
HDIF about the amount of time we spend together doing things I enjoy?
What one thing do you do that helps bring me closest to you? HDIFAT?
What do I most need from you right now? HDIFAT?
What joys or pleasures have our children given us? HDIFAT?
HDIF knowing that today could be our last day to love?
When I am best I am _____. Can I be this way and be with you? HDIFAT?
How would I feel about changing sexes for one day? HDIFAT?
Is religion something we do or something we live? HDIFAT?
HDIF when friends of ours are having marital problems?
HDIF when you hug me halfheartedly?
What was the nicest thing someone did for me this week? HDIFAT?
The best vacation we ever had was _____. HDIFAT?
What is my favorite childhood memory? Why? HDIFAT?
Which family rituals are really important to me? Why? HDIFAT?
Do we spend our spare time on our home rather than with each other? HDIFAT?
What do I think about living God's plan for our marriage? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I realize I am not what you thought me to be?
Do I pray in front of our children? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we pray with our children and hold hands?
HDIF when we do not have enough money?
Where am I most selfish? HDIFAT?
An old friend surprises me with a phone call. HDIFAT?
Do we spend enough time together? HDIFAT?
After a fight: Am I still nurturing a bad mood? HDIFAT?
In what areas do I feel vulnerable to you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see our family together?
Do I worry about being taken for granted? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I stand at attention during the national anthem?
HDIF when I think you have let other people down?
Someone borrowed our car and returned it with a full tank? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I tell you your hair looks great?
How do you most help me? HDIFAT?
In what areas is it most difficult for me to let you know how I feel? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I squeeze your hand?
HDIF about the unmet expectations about our relationship?
Describe a time when I felt hung-over. HDIFAT?
What was the most tender moment we shared together this week? HDIFAT?
The Bible is full of God's dialogue letters to us. HDIFAT?
Have I achieved my values? HDIFAT?
A good friend just got divorced. HDIFAT?
After a fight: What have I learned about the way I handle conflict? HDIFAT?
HDIF being sprinkled with holy water?
What issue do we have facing us that I have not shared my emotions / feelings with you about? HDIFAT?
HDIF when walls build up between us?
Considering what I ask of myself and what I ask of others: Is this a double standard? HDIFAT?
What expectations of mine were not met this last week? HDIFAT?
How long has it been since we called or wrote our prayer couple? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the words, Do not ask?
HDIF about living God's plan for us?
When was the last time we did something fun and foolish as a couple? HDIFAT?
I am supposed to help you recognize your good qualities. HDIFAT?
God is kind and merciful, slow to anger, and full of love. Am I to others as God is to me? HDIFAT?
What characteristic of mine do I think you find irritating? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think you are beating around the bush rather than giving me a straight answer?
What are my thoughts when I hear God does not make junk? HDIFAT?
What is the meaning of Thanksgiving to me? HDIFAT?
Is it more important to see possibilities or adjust to facts? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am watching you and you do not know it?
If we doubled our present income, would we be any happier? HDIFAT?
When did I feel closest to you last weekend? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our children attending college?
I believe you are being selfish when _____. HDIFAT?
Do I / we ever reach out to relatives? HDIFAT?
HDIF toward you when we have to make a decision together?
How could you help me grow spiritually? HDIFAT?
Do I read the obituaries? HDIFAT?
When working on a big project, am I more likely: to start at the beginning and take it step by step - start with the end and work my way back - or dive in somewhere in the middle? HDIFAT?
Do I read your body language correctly? HDIFAT?
What changes should I, or should we, make to keep from being disillusioned? HDIFAT?
When I am busy, am I really accomplishing anything? HDIFAT?
What would be the ideal place and time for us to make love? HDIFAT?
HDIF at those times when I cannot get a rise out of you?
HDIF when you are patient with me?
HDIF when my creative juices are flowing?
Every good cause demands a piece of our time. HDIFAT?
Do I consult with my people when I am making plans? HDIFAT?
After experiencing the weekend, have I changed more or have you? HDIFAT?
Is there time enough for me in my busy day? HDIFAT?
Is there a difference between writing to you and writing to a diary? HDIFAT?
What effect does my not listening have on our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when other people notice our togetherness?
Do I talk openly with you, or do I hold things back? HDIFAT?
What are your best qualities? HDIFAT?
HDIF telling you something I assume you do not want to hear?
HDIF when I am asked to work overtime?
Am I a good mixer or am I usually quiet and reserved? HDIFAT?
What am I doing to promote Christian unity right where I am? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am not open with you?
What can we do to make this a better world? HDIFAT?
How do I usually deal with conflict in my relationships? HDIFAT?
What dreams of mine do I need to take responsibility for? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are close during and after our dialogue?
How do I cope with stress? How should I cope with stress? HDIFAT?
HDIF about using seat belts?
What do I perceive as the biggest threat to my priesthood / ministry? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you ask me to help you?
Do I usually initiate friendships or wait to be approached? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my body?
HDIF about my current state of health?
Would I rather work for somebody fair but not kind, or kind but not fair? HDIFAT?
How is our community helped by our involvement in the program? HDIFAT?
Are my sexual values changing at all? HDIFAT?
Our sexual experience is an all-day thing. HDIFAT?
Where in my job do I experience stress? HDIFAT?
HDIF at the thought of your death?
HDIF recalling the birth of our children?
Do I masturbate? HDIFAT?
HDIF about watching TV during mealtime?
With what age group do I feel least comfortable? HDIFAT?
What do I hope for next summer, how does that affect our family and HDIFAT?
How do I respond to my failures? HDIFAT?
How do I react to compliments? HDIF?
HDIF about the time I spend watching TV?
HDIF when our children say, I love you?
Do people tell you that you have an accent? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I sympathize with you while you are sick?
Describe a time when I felt really upset. HDIFAT?
Am I satisfied with our relationship as it is? If so, should I be? If not, why? HDIFAT?
HDIF realizing that my attitudes and judgments have caused us pain?
What leads us to difficulties in our decision-making? HDIFAT?
I need to be affirmed by you. HDIFAT?
When you touch me in the middle of the night, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
Am I always willing to help you carry your crosses? HDIFAT?
The couple that has most helped me to experience God's love is (or was) _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about taking on extra work to advance my career?
I feel most comfortable with you when _____. HDIFAT?
What strengths do we have to offer others as a couple? HDIFAT?
Do we still court each other? HDIFAT?
What illness do you fear most for yourself? HDIFAT?
What do I need to do to make myself sexually responsive to you? HDIFAT?
When we are alone, we usually talk about _____. HDIFAT?
What do I think of Jesus as a person? HDIFAT?
What struggle am I currently facing that I need to learn from? HDIFAT?
Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conduct. HDIFAT?
HDIF when a couple accepts our invitation to experience the weekend?
HDIF when I receive a gift that is carelessly wrapped?
What is fun for us as a couple? HDIFAT?
If you are not free to risk, you cannot grow. HDIFAT?
What do I wish was better about our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF being around people who are always coming up with new ideas?
Why do I go to church? HDIFAT?
HDIF about attending Mass on Sundays?
The TV is on. HDIFAT?
HDIF if someone else read my notebook?
What does our non-verbal communication mean to me? HDIFAT?
You can make me laugh when I see little to laugh about. HDIFAT?
What is the greatest gift you could give me? HDIFAT?
What are my attitudes about our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
How well do I listen to my people when they talk about family? HDIFAT?
How can I be more open to those around me? HDIFAT?
What effect does it have on us when my needs are met? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I remember our anniversary is coming up soon?
How is our day when we are not sexually involved with each other? HDIFAT?
Do we feel the Spirit moving in us? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I stay within my limits, undertaking only as much as I can handle?
How do I need to change to make me your favorite person? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you say you are sorry?
Do I accept your praise? HDIFAT?
Do I have a legal will? HDIFAT?
What do I think I most need to change about the way I use money? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you want sex and I do not?
HDIF when friends offer to help?
What does it mean to me to belong to you? HDIFAT?
HDIF being around people who are chronically indecisive?
If I were to place a value on you, what would it be? HDIFAT?
What happens when I get mad? HDIFAT?
How are you like my favorite flavor of ice cream? HDIFAT?
No matter how often I am right, I will sometimes be dead wrong. HDIFAT?
On average, how many packs of cigarettes do I smoke a month? HDIFAT?
How well do I really listen to you? HDIFAT?
How do I react to practical jokes? HDIFAT?
Do I have trouble really letting go and forgiving you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when a teacher does not like my child?
When was the last time we held hands in public? HDIFAT?
Do I appreciate you enough? HDIFAT?
What would I like to do now, so I will not regret not doing it twenty years from now? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am rushed into making an important decision?
HDIF about being called to change in our relationship?
How would I feel if our TV were to break? HDIFAT?
Do I see Jesus alive in our marriage? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we read our letters and then cannot think of much to say?
In what ways do I feel superior to you as a parent and HDIFAT?
What have I been holding back from you lately because I thought I was sure I knew what your reaction would be? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I make love but do not ask in a clear way?
HDIF about making a large monetary purchase?
Do I present myself as caring more than I really do? HDIFAT?
How do your insecurities affect me? HDIFAT?
Have I ever flunked a class or big test? HDIFAT?
In what way have I seen my goodness through you today? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I need you to give me space?
HDIF about our current level of involvement with our extended families?
What have I done to show Christ my love for Him? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am directing sarcastic remarks at someone else?
HDIF about days that we do not dialogue?
When I am lonely, what is the best thing someone can do for me? HDIFAT?
How far back can I trace my family tree? HDIFAT?
What about you am I grateful for today? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am running late?
HDIF when we give a donation to charity?
What has dialogue taught you about yourself? HDIFAT?
Do I ever change what I write or say to avoid conflict or argument? HDIFAT?
HDIF just before I tell you something you will not like to hear?
Our relationship is like what kind of carnival ride? HDIFAT?
Is our lovemaking routine or passionate? HDIFAT?
Do I need to be easier on you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about being apart from you?
HDIF about saving up for things and paying cash?
HDIF when I ask one of my people to forgive me? HDIFAT?
What have I done to make you number one today? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are frustrated or angry with someone or something else, but you take it out on me?
What do I want done with my body after I die? HDIFAT?
Do I always reveal my true emotions? HDIFAT?
Jesus said, If you believe in me, you will never die. HDIFAT?
What happens when I am still lonely or feel used after we make love? HDIFAT?
What is the most vulnerable thing I could share with you today? HDIFAT?
What are some of the things I pray for? HDIFAT?
What do I want most from you? HDIFAT?
What charism (strength) do I have from the Spirit that helps the world believe? HDIFAT?
Do I really trust you enough to take a risk in dialogue? HDIFAT?
What is my greatest financial concern right now? HDIFAT?
How do I respond to the Lord's call? HDIFAT?
If I died without a chance to see you, what would I wish I could have told you? HDIFAT?
Are we on the same side? HDIFAT?
If I could be anyone from history, who would I be _____? HDIFAT?
On most matters, do I already have an opinion? HDIFAT?
Pray Ephesians 5:21-32 together. HDIFAT?
Am I comfortable talking about intimacy with you? HDIFAT?
What would be the worst thing that could happen to us? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my responsibilities as a married person?
Sometimes my burdens seem just too great to carry. HDIFAT?
What is my listening pattern when you tell me that I am gentle? HDIFAT?
Can we find time for some family prayer? HDIFAT?
HDIF about gathering other people for prayer?
HDIF about driving inexpensive cars?
What do I do to get relief from emotional pain when I am tired, lonely, angry or hurting? HDIFAT?
Does how I spend my time reflect the priorities and values I think I believe? HDIFAT?
Did we try to keep God the focus of this holiday season? HDIFAT?
How would I feel if we won the Lottery? HDIFAT?
HDIF sleeping with you at my in-laws' house?
How can we put more fireworks into our marriage? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I try to make light of a serious situation?
What is my idea of heaven? HDIFAT?
What changes would I like you to make in response to my failures? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you give me an unexpected hug?
After a fight: How can we benefit from this situation? HDIFAT?
HDIF about trying to make something beautiful with my hands?
HDIF when you lose interest in your job, career or housework?
Our love for each other is a reflection of God's love for us. HDIFAT?
What can I do to show our couple love? HDIFAT?
Which one of our friends am I most comfortable with? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our level of indebtedness?
HDIF about our friends that we never get to see?
Do I feel comfortable hugging you and the children? HDIFAT?
What areas in our marriage are good? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I want to share something with you but do not?
HDIF when we go to mass or church together?
Do I really believe that emotions / feelings are neither right nor wrong? HDIFAT?
Am I a different person with you than I am with others? HDIFAT?
What is my happiest memory of the past week? HDIFAT?
When am I most likely to ignore God? HDIFAT?
Do I talk in my sleep? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I ask you about our children?
What is the nicest memory of our past Thanksgivings? HDIFAT?
Our decisions are frequently _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I laugh with my people?
HDIF when you are being too hard on yourself?
HDIF about my involvement with work?
HDIF about sharing you with our children?
Where would we be if we had never experienced the weekend? HDIFAT?
HDIF about how active I am in our children's sports or other activities?
How do I respond to pressure? How does my response affect you? HDIFAT?
HDIF being around people who are wrapped up in their careers?
What special gift of myself do I offer to you today? HDIFAT?
As our marriage grows, so does the Church. HDIFAT?
HDIF when you we'll see but I think you mean no?
How do I make decisions? HDIFAT?
What happens when I let emotions / feelings take control over me? HDIFAT?
What is my attitude toward my work? HDIFAT?
I still have these doubts about us: _____. HDIFAT?
What unmet need did I experience today? HDIFAT?
What do I like best and least when we get together with the relatives? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you say YES but mean NO?
What can I do to make our relationship stronger? HDIFAT?
HDIF about participating in league activities (softball, bowling) with you?
How would I react if someone said I was consistently reasonable? HDIFAT?
What kinds of compliments did I receive most often as a child? HDIFAT?
Am I considerate of you in the little things? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have to do something I really do not want to do?
Whom do I share my joys with? HDIFAT?
Do I make lists? HDIFAT?
HDIF about Lent?
HDIF about our experience with the Lord this past week?
HDIF when I am late and you have to wait for me?
HDIF about my first funeral?
We, as a family, are a little church. HDIFAT?
What is it about you that makes me want to ask your forgiveness? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my attractiveness?
Do I believe God loves me? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my attempt to balance the checkbook?
HDIF when you massage my head?
When am I not listening to you? HDIFAT?
What gets in my way, preventing me from learning more about you? HDIFAT?
How can you help me recognize my good qualities? HDIFAT?
What have I enjoyed most in the challenge to dialogue? HDIFAT?
Recently, I thought it was wrong, unreasonable, thoughtless or selfish of you to say _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when we participate in a sport?
HDIF when you initiate our lovemaking?
What memory of our courting days is most alive today? HDIFAT?
What qualities attracted me to you when we were dating? HDIFAT?
After a fight: What do I admire about your fighting spirit? HDIFAT?
When I let you make your own decisions, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about working on a family budget?
HDIF when we make the issue more important than the relationship?
HDIF about us being a spiritual couple?
Have I ever had to tell a cashier I was short of cash? HDIFAT?
Is Jesus in my heart, or just in my mind? HDIFAT?
What has been the hardest experience of my life? HDIFAT?
HDIF during the candlelight reading or singing of the Exultet on the Easter vigil?
We are a sacrament. What does this mean to me? HDIFAT?
Whoever loves is a child of God. HDIFAT?
When was the last time I made a conscious decision to love you? HDIFAT?
How can I drop the conditions I put on my love for you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I consider that you can / cannot do CPR?
HDIF about doing the things that you enjoy?
Can I program a VCR? HDIFAT?
Do I worry about hair loss? HDIFAT?
How do I want you to see me, and is it the same as I want others to see me? HDIFAT?
How do I want you to romance me? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our time together?
HDIF when my family makes demands on us?
Do I want a deeper relationship with God, or do I think it is deep enough? HDIFAT?
Do I search for other's faults like there is a bounty offered? HDIFAT?
Am I open to the emotions / feelings you experience when under stress? HDIFAT?
HDIF in my bathing suit?
HDIF about a picnic in the park with you?
Was regular dialogue one of our New Year's resolutions? HDIFAT?
What is it that most unites us? HDIFAT?
Our calendar is filled. HDIFAT?
What were the most important aspects of our wedding ceremony to me? HDIFAT?
If I had my life to start again, what would I change? HDIFAT?
Do we work well together? HDIFAT?
How do I see God's love reflected through you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I ask for your forgiveness?
What are the sources of my pain or frustration? HDIFAT?
HDIF about life after death?
Am I aware of Our Father's stake in our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
Do I complain about the problems in an otherwise good situation? HDIFAT?
Do we respect each other? HDIFAT?
HDIF about healing?
If I had known then what I know now about raising children, I would have _____. HDIFAT?
What is my favorite way of lovemaking? HDIFAT?
Are we faced in the right direction? HDIFAT?
Our decisions usually revolve around _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am running errands?
Do I ever expend my spirit to the point of exhaustion chasing after the wrong things? HDIFAT?
HDIF when something goes wrong?
HDIF when my people only share superficial things with me?
In what areas do I have difficulty putting full trust in God? HDIFAT?
What struggle did I face that helped prepare me for this day? HDIFAT?
Do I earn my salary? HDIFAT?
After a fight: HDIF now about things I wish I had done or said differently?
What have I done to make you happy this week? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are separate from each other?
Am I patient enough with God? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I consider that I am responsible for my attitude, good or bad?
HDIF about the peer pressures our children are under?
Only _____ days until Christmas. Is my heart ready? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the amount of time we spend on foreplay?
HDIF when we plan a romantic evening together?