500 Random Dialogue Questions

Randomly generated question list. Refresh the page for different questions.

Question List
Where do we most need to grow in our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you leave things up to me?
HDIF about keeping my promises?
HDIF about sending a poor child to summer camp?
After a fight: When did I refuse to listen or ignore what was said? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I try something different?
What good quality do you see in me that I doubt the most? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our Christmas tree traditions?
HDIF about contributing five percent of our income to charity?
How do I fail to listen to you when I am disillusioned? HDIFAT?
I am attracted to people who _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when we go out socially?
I am very thankful about _____ but I have difficulty admitting it to you. HDIFAT?
In which direction are we heading? HDIFAT?
When other people expect a lot from me, I feel _____ and I tend to _____. HDIFAT?
Now that the children have moved out, is the end of the family? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we use the good silver (or the good china)?
What am I most disappointed with in our relationship? HDIFAT?
What have I had to compromise to be with you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about belonging to our universal church?
HDIF about the last time I did something romantic for you?
What are two specific areas in which I tolerate your emotions / feelings? HDIFAT?
What is our special character as a family? HDIFAT?
How is our relationship affected when we strive to love unconditionally? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am being obsessive?
HDIF when work keeps us apart?
Am I satisfied with myself? HDIFAT?
HDIF about other couples supporting us?
HDIF about our relationship staying like this?
Do I worry about keeping my job? HDIFAT?
HDIF about choosing something new over something familiar?
HDIF when you suggest a change?
HDIF when we go to see your mother / father in the hospital?
HDIF when couples show signs of their sexuality in front of me?
What other obstacles do I let get in the way of making a good decision? HDIFAT?
What motivated me to dialogue today? HDIFAT?
Our marriage is a sign of Christ's Love. How do I think others experienced our sign today? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way we make our money?
Is passion an important aspect of our relationship? HDIFAT?
Do I prefer casual clothes or dressing up? HDIFAT?
What does being a couple mean to me? HDIFAT?
I need to learn not to _____. HDIFAT?
Do I get enough sleep? How does that affect our relationship? HDIFAT?
Where do I believe God has called us in ministry as a couple? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see you working too many hours?
God is my dialogue partner. HDIFAT?
If I had tons of money, what would I give you for Christmas? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the coming Holidays? HDIFAT?
Am I responsible for our current financial situation? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way Christmas Day went for us?
HDIF when I build a wall between us?
Am I strong enough to admit to you when I make a mistake? HDIFAT?
HDIF about letting other couples help us when we are hurting?
Are we talkers or non-talkers? HDIFAT?
Do I believe you taking everything too personally? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you do something good or kind for someone else?
HDIF about my education in music and art?
Whom do I admire that is not so good an example? HDIFAT?
Do I see us as being connected to our family, to life? HDIFAT?
Is there any form of sex with you that I find repulsive? HDIFAT?
Do my moods ever interfere with our relationship? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way our family spends money?
HDIF about Lent?
HDIF about Christ being born in our relationship?
How well do I think I do at recognizing and trying to nourish my needs as opposed to my selfish wants? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think you have let other people down?
HDIF after I donate a pint of blood?
What is your specialness to me today? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I find a love note from you?
What is my most pleasant memory from our dating days? HDIFAT?
Do I deny my mistakes, or do I learn from them? HDIFAT?
As a child, my best friend was _____. HDIFAT?
After a fight: Did I pout or cry just so you would feel sorry for me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when friends invite us but do not come over in return?
Why do I want snow at Christmas? HDIFAT?
Ruth 1:16-17. HDIF about us as I reflect on these words?
When do I get the most out of talking about us? HDIFAT?
HDIF about sharing my emotions / feelings from the past?
What limits my ability to love my people? HDIFAT?
I admire people who _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about celebrating Thanksgiving with the hungry or homeless or lonely?
How do I behave when I think I can do a job better than someone else can? HDIFAT?
HDIF about paying the bills?
When was the last time we brought Christ's love to the world? HDIFAT?
HDIF showing affection in front of our children?
The phone rings during dinner. HDIFAT?
What is the motivating force in my life? HDIFAT?
In sex, does it matter if we are meeting the national average? HDIFAT?
Am I a good mixer or am I usually quiet and reserved? HDIFAT?
HDIF when illness strikes close to home?
Is our openness about our masculinity / femininity reflected in our children? HDIFAT?
When I hear the Lord's call, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way our children dress?
Our Lord calls us to love each other unconditionally. HDIFAT?
What is my favorite sexual fantasy? Would I like it fulfilled? HDIFAT?
Are we never going to agree about some issues? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am with good friends?
Are we counting our years together, or making our years together count? HDIFAT?
HDIF when the car behind honks at me when I do not react fast enough to the green light?
What inhibits me in our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
What do I want for you this weekend? HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone catches me in a lie?
When our dialogue is alive and strong, so is our prayer life. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am proud to be with you?
HDIF when I engage in self-pity?
When were we closest this month? HDIFAT?
In what area do I need to risk sharing more with God? HDIFAT?
When you are hurt, I would appreciate it if you would _____. HDIFAT?
Do I take my hurts to God, or just keep them to myself? HDIFAT?
Do I make the effort to be a friend to others? HDIFAT?
Do I see Jesus in you? HDIFAT?
How would I feel discovering that you are hurting right now? HDIFAT?
Do I talk to myself? HDIFAT?
HDIF when work keeps us apart?
What do I need from you as a family to help me? HDIFAT?
Is family communication a value of mine? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way I handle money?
HDIF when I have to take a risk with someone other than you?
How specifically can we as a couple / priest be salt and light? HDIFAT?
What could I do to help you understand me better? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our first house or apartment?
Do I need to be more connected with the people in my life? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my fringe benefits?
We are not Sacrament without passion. HDIFAT?
With myself, am I more likely to be strict or permissive? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I do something that I think pleases God?
Where would I like to be next year at this time? HDIFAT?
HDIF when someone interrupts me while I am talking to you?
What potentials have you helped me develop? HDIFAT?
How does my self-esteem, or lack of it, affect our relationship? HDIFAT?
Do I derive happiness from doing a good day's work? HDIFAT?
What flower do you remind me of? HDIFAT?
What have I learned from looking backwards at our history that can enrich our future relationship? HDIFAT?
Is Mass a celebration for me? HDIFAT?
Are we as romantic as we need to be? HDIFAT?
HDIF when other couples think they do not need to dialogue?
What is my fondest memory of our courtship? HDIFAT?
HDIF about participating in league activities (softball, bowling) with you?
Am I needed by you sexually? HDIFAT?
When do I nail down the lid on my emotions / feelings? HDIFAT?
What is my greatest talent in listening to you? HDIFAT?
Am I being sexually responsive to you? HDIFAT?
HDIF having a one-to-one conversation with someone I barely know?
Am I willing to reach out to my people when things get to be too much for me to handle? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I give you the benefit of the doubt?
Am I cheerful enough for my own good, mental and physical? HDIFAT?
When was the last time I did a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) for you? HDIFAT?
These things support and reinforce me: _____. HDIFAT?
I believe I have failed as _____. HDIFAT?
What give me the most sexual fulfillment? HDIFAT?
Life is beautiful when I can share it with you. HDIFAT?
HDIF about our time (or lack there of) for relaxation and entertainment?
HDIF when I reach out to touch you?
HDIF about having to do work that does not harmonize with my values?
What is the effect of our sexual intimacy on me? HDIFAT?
HDIF about making a list of our important documents and where we keep them?
HDIF hugging our son or daughter after I have disciplined them?
What have I learned about my people recently that surprised me? HDIFAT?
Do I donate blood on a regular basis? HDIFAT?
What is the closest I have ever come to dying? HDIFAT?
HDIF about this day?
HDIF after I have spent a sleepless night?
Do I prefer costume jewelry or the real thing? HDIFAT?
These are my needs that still go unmet: _____. HDIFAT?
What prevents me from asking questions about something I need to know or should know? HDIFAT?
What did I do today to generate a little more love in the world? HDIFAT?
We are a sign - what do people see when they see our love? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the decision to love being important to us?
HDIF when I am under pressure?
If we were given ten thousand dollars cash, what would I want to do with it? HDIFAT?
What evidence do I have in my life that dialogue is important? HDIFAT?
Sometimes I do not take the time to say I love you. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I stand at attention during the national anthem?
What type of program do I watch most on TV? What does this say about me? HDIFAT?
Sometimes we argue over the children. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am caught by off-guard?
HDIF about the way we resolve conflicts in our relationship?
How do you set me free? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we are near, but cannot be with each other for several hours?
What would I like you to do for me? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you laugh at my jokes?
HDIF about the way we celebrated our love on this special occasion?
HDIF about this past workweek?
Was dialogue one of our New Year's resolutions? HDIFAT?
Do I live what I believe, or is my private life different from my public life? HDIFAT?
What would I choose as the time and circumstances of my death? HDIFAT?
Do I pray for circumstances to change, or for the grace to handle circumstances? HDIFAT?
Do I expect us to be involved in mutual activities? HDIFAT?
What sounds please me most during lovemaking? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I know that I have hurt you?
HDIF when I am aware of growth in us?
Does Lent remind me of our Encounter / Retrouvaille weekend? HDIFAT?
What beauty do I see in my people? HDIFAT?
How would I feel if our TV were to break and stay broken? HDIFAT?
What was the most meaningful experience that I had today? HDIFAT?
Have I ever had to tell a cashier I was short of cash? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I bring you a pillow?
In what ways am I willing to purify myself to become Holy? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am asked to love, to give, or to forgive but will receive nothing in return?
HDIF when I discover the assumptions I made about you are not true?
What frustration did I experience today that I have not shared with you? HDIFAT?
How have I experienced forgiveness in our relationship? HDIFAT?
I enjoy my relationship with people the most when _____. HDIFAT?
When is the last time I truly felt listened to by you? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the honesty of our dialogue?
HDIF about this Christmas?
What can I do to contribute to our family having a good time on vacation? HDIFAT?
Our calendar is filled. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I see our children respond to you?
After a fight: Am I still surprised by your reactions? HDIFAT?
What are my hopes for us in the area of sex? HDIFAT?
If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be? HDIFAT?
What qualities in Mary as a mother do I also see in you / me? HDIFAT?
HDIF about switching to low fat milk? Using less salt? Eating less red meat?
HDIF about our contributions to our community?
Do I love the world or the things of the world? (I JN 2:15)
HDIF when I take a walk with you?
HDIF when you screw up my plans?
Do I place limits on the relationships I have with my people? What? HDIFAT?
How would I feel working under someone who is always fair but not so kind? HDIFAT?
Is Jesus Lord of our future? HDIFAT?
It is suppertime and I have eaten more than I should. HDIFAT?
Am I more likely to be punctual or late? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I think you are beating around the bush rather than giving me a straight answer?
Who are my children? HDIFAT?
HDIF about being a newlywed? Or HDIF remembering our first few years of marriage?
Is it more important to see possibilities or adjust to facts? HDIFAT?
God made you a part of my life. HDIFAT?
HDIF when we stick to our budget?
HDIF when I am delayed because other people are not punctual?
Do I have close friends I should invite to experience the weekend? HDIFAT?
If I could start over again, what would I change? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our children going back to school when fall comes?
What do I think about our couple spirituality? HDIFAT?
Do I wish to deepen the experience of God in our relationship? If so, how? HDIFAT?
Am I too inhibited to act silly or stupid? HDIFAT?
Do I let you reveal yourself? HDIFAT?
I smiled today when I thought about _____. HDIFAT?
Do I reflect more on present blessings or on my past misfortunes? HDIFAT?
What has been the most painful experience in our family this past week and HDIFAT?
A couple I would like to see experience the weekend is _____. HDIF about inviting them?
Do I choose sexual intercourse to meet my need to be loved? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our financial status after the holidays?
HDIF when I try to be loving when you want to talk all night?
Am I spending my time on what I value the most? HDIFAT?
Lately, do I fall asleep easily or do I have trouble falling asleep? HDIFAT?
HDIF when my creative juices are flowing?
HDIF about being out of shape?
HDIF relying on hunches or intuition when things cannot be proved?
We tend to compete against each other in _____. HDIFAT?
HDIF when we have unexpected company?
Do we talk about our lovemaking enough? HDIFAT?
What can I do to help you listen better? HDIFAT?
HDIF when people try to flatter me?
Beside yours, what friendship has meant the most to me this week? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we read our letters and then cannot think of much to say?
HDIF when I make a mistake and you point it out?
How would never having children affect our life? HDIFAT?
When I consider the redemptive power of Jesus Christ in our lives, HDIF about our past failings as a couple?
HDIF when you do not say anything?
What did I not try because I was afraid of failing? HDIFAT?
What was the greatest change from our wedding day? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the way our marriage influences other people?
Describe a time when I felt perplexed. HDIFAT?
Which three qualities do I require in a friend? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you show interest in your job, career or housework?
HDIF when I feel the least romantic?
Does my true self come out under stress? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I know I have hurt you?
When I look back over the holidays, what was the greatest gift I received? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our having some time alone, away from each other?
What obstacles do I need to overcome in order to love my people better? HDIFAT?
What am I doing to promote Christian unity right where I am? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I sense Christ present among us?
Do I get along with my parents? HDIFAT?
When was the last time I made a conscious decision to love you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are sick?
What is the greatest healing device I can offer you? HDIFAT?
HDIF at those times when I cannot get a rise out of you?
What do I like to do for pleasure? HDIFAT?
What is my strongest emotion / feeling about money? HDIFAT?
What is my favorite memory of us as a couple? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are not in the mood, but I am?
HDIF when we are torn between our families?
What is it about death that frightens me the most? HDIFAT?
HDIF about watching a love story on TV or at the movies?
HDIF about giving from our substance?
My first reaction to hearing a new idea is _____. HDIFAT?
Where do I look most for approval, inside or outside? HDIFAT?
How does my attitude toward my mother affect us? HDIFAT?
How have we shared our relationship with other people in our community, parish, and neighborhood this week? HDIFAT?
When you withdraw into your shell, HDIF?
After a fight: What was I feeling when I was silent?
HDIF when I consider spending Christmas without you?
In what ways do I avoid being intimate with you? HDIFAT?
When do I feel pressured by you? HDIFAT?
I have seniority at work. HDIFAT?
The neighborhood dog is ruining our bushes. HDIFAT?
Does a recreational activity keep us separated much of the time? HDIFAT?
What barriers or attitudes keep me from sharing with you my unmet needs? HDIFAT?
Do not worry about your life and what you are to eat or wear. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I let disagreement ride just to keep the peace?
HDIF when someone rejects me or does not love me?
Do I want a deeper relationship with my people, or do I think it is deep enough? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our son being a priest / pastor?
I must be true to _____. Can I be true to this and still be with you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have to say, I was wrong?
HDIF about cooking dinner together?
What am I most disappointed with in myself? HDIFAT?
How does the organization (or lack of) in our home affect our relationship? HDIFAT?
We had so many hopes on our wedding day. HDIFAT?
HDIF about receiving massages?
HDIF when I borrow something and keep it too long?
Whose day did I brighten with a smile today? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am able to express my physical needs to you in our lovemaking?
Do I consider myself to be open or closed minded? HDIFAT?
Do I present myself as caring more than I really do? HDIFAT?
The person, place, or thing I miss the most is _____. HDIFAT?
When was the last time we really got silly together? HDIFAT?
Is control a problem in our relationship? HDIFAT?
Do I put more than the average amount of effort into my relationship with God? HDIFAT?
What could you do to increase my sexual anticipation? HDIFAT?
I have a dream. HDIF when other people are skeptical?
HDIF about the stake we have in other people's marriages?
Do we have a little church at home to help us stay on the program? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our trying to de-clutter our home?
As a child, how were my parents most critical of me? HDIFAT?
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times with the same person. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am an object of someone's joke or ridicule?
Do I use alcohol or drugs to relax or alleviate pressure? HDIFAT?
What has dialogue taught me about myself? HDIFAT?
HDIF about the first day we met?
Describe a time when I felt surprised. HDIFAT?
What recent disappointment did I experience that I have not gotten over? HDIFAT?
HDIF about planting a vegetable garden?
Am I a person of healthy suspicions, likely to question how things are? HDIFAT?
In the area of death, what emotion / feeling do I find most difficult to share with you? HDIFAT?
How important do I think romance is in our relationship? HDIFAT?
What is an attitude I had about sex entering marriage? HDIFAT?
What is my attitude toward my work? HDIFAT?
When we make love, I feel _____.
What is special about us as a couple today? HDIFAT?
Do I listen to our children, not just to their problems, but their day? HDIFAT?
HDIF when TV sports controls meals and holidays in our home?
After a fight: What was the worst fight we ever had? HDIFAT?
Do I have enough time to accomplish my goals? HDIFAT?
What is rubbing me the wrong way today? HDIFAT?
What do I miss most when we are on vacation? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I judge you are better than me at something that I take pride in my ability to do?
Am I able to watch someone else make a mistake without commenting? HDIFAT?
What happens to me when we are not accepting of each other? HDIFAT?
Do I share my blessings joyfully? HDIFAT?
We have the ability to forgive each other. HDIFAT?
HDIF when my people say no to God?
HDIF about my self-image?
HDIF when I witness a marriage?
HDIF when you are annoyed with me?
Are you trying too hard to change me? HDIFAT?
Do I see myself as a temple of the Holy Spirit? HDIFAT?
When we hold hands, what are we saying to each other? HDIFAT?
Do my selfish desires create obstacles in my relationship with God? HDIFAT?
What visions and hopes do I have for my people? HDIFAT?
What are my expectations in our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
When I want some time for myself, I feel _____. HDIFAT?
Do I ever keep quiet because I do not know how to express my thoughts and feelings? HDIFAT?
What steps can we take to make our impossible dream a reality? HDIFAT?
Am I a casual person or a serious person? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our children's education in music and art?
As a parent, could you do better? HDIFAT?
What positive actions will I take to change a pressure into a blessing? HDIFAT?
What memory of our courting days is most alive today? HDIFAT?
HDIF about gathering other people for prayer?
HDIF when I see our family together?
HDIF knowing God used me to bring about a conversion?
Do we ever let material things interfere with our relationship? HDIFAT?
Have I ever been accused of something I did not do? HDIFAT?
What emotions / feelings have I kept hidden from you lately? HDIFAT?
What are my hopes and dreams for our children concerning prayer? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I invite you to go bike riding with me?
Do I have a tendency to think in terms of worst-case scenarios? HDIFAT?
Do I trust God as much today as I did yesterday? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you are hungry for sex?
HDIF hearing God's words, I will never forget you?
Do I ever have trouble controlling my temper? HDIFAT?
HDIF about my state of health? Do I take it for granted?
Do we avoid a particular member of our parish or church community? HDIFAT?
What do I long for in the depths of my being? HDIFAT?
Do I enjoy being seen nude by you? HDIFAT?
What fears do I have about our lovemaking? HDIFAT?
Are we keeping our New Year's resolutions? HDIFAT?
When was the last time I acted like a little kid? HDIFAT?
What have I always wanted to try but never did? HDIFAT?
What message am I sending others on how I want to be treated? HDIFAT?
What would I like to try doing that is different from anything else I have ever done? HDIFAT?
Do we share our faith in each other? HDIFAT?
What part do I play in our sexual communication? HDIFAT?
What are my thoughts when we should ask for help with our dialogue? HDIFAT?
What quality of Jesus did I see in our priest / pastor today? HDIFAT?
How would I feel receiving a friendship card from you?
HDIF about involving our children in a Lenten tradition?
In what areas do I fail to practice what I preach? HDIFAT?
Do I follow or lead in our couple prayer? HDIFAT?
HDIF when summer is approaching?
What is my most recent happy memory of us? HDIFAT?
HDIF about dying to self?
In what specific ways am I hopeful for Encounter / Retrouvaille? HDIFAT?
What was the most moving part of the last wedding we attended? HDIFAT?
Do my selfish desires create obstacles in my relationships with my people? HDIFAT?
After a fight: Am I still nurturing a bad mood? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I cannot go to a function our child wants me to attend?
HDIF when we spend a quiet evening together?
Love is patient, love is kind. How does this apply to our family? HDIFAT?
How has the atmosphere in our home changed because of our growth? HDIFAT?
Do I thank my children when they do something for me? HDIFAT?
HDIF as I reflect on the expectations I had on our wedding day for us?
What kind of Christmas present did I get? HDIFAT?
When was the last time we made love spontaneously? HDIFAT?
HDIF about World Marriage Day?
HDIF about my job now?
Is it important to me that money not be important to me? HDIFAT?
HDIF about _____, my favorite aunt?
HDIF toward you when we have to make a decision together?
What keeps us from dialogue? HDIFAT?
When I get pressure from you, do I tend to become more withdrawn or more aggressive? HDIFAT?
How has our dialogue helped us grow closer to each other? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we miss mass or church?
Do I put my independence above my trust in you? HDIFAT?
What do I wish was better about our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?
In what areas do I trust you less? HDIFAT?
What am I most thankful for? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I receive communion?
HDIF when I give you an unexpected gift?
HDIF when your job separates us overnight?
How do I handle conflict? HDIFAT?
HDIF about tithing a portion of our income?
HDIF being around people who brag about themselves?
Am I willing to ask for forgiveness when I need to? HDIFAT?
If we had twice our present income, would be happier? HDIFAT?
HDIF about your having to work overtime?
How do I try to hide my faults? HDIFAT?
Do I worry about hair loss? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our relationship with each other's parents?
Romance is a decision. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I receive a compliment from someone in our family?
HDIF when I see you behaving tenderly with our children?
HDIF about dining out?
How do I see our weaknesses as a couple? HDIFAT?
What little thing did I enjoy today? HDIFAT?
HDIF about Operation Rescue?
How do we express our love for each other? HDIFAT?
Do I always have to learn by making my own mistakes? HDIFAT?
What favorite weapon do I use when I do not fight fair? HDIFAT?
What nice thing have I noticed about you this week and have not told you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you massage my head?
HDIF when we plan a romantic evening together?
What have I given up for our relationship that has helped me grow as a person? HDIFAT?
Can I entertain others by telling jokes and stories? HDIFAT?
What special qualities do I most admire in you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when it is difficult for me to do the right thing?
In what area do I most need my people's help in living my sacrament / calling? HDIFAT?
I see God smiling down on us as we make love. HDIFAT?
Does love mean you never have to say you are sorry? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we invite a couple to experience the weekend and they accept?
Where did I put dialogue on my list of priorities today? HDIFAT?
Do I see my relationship with Our Father as a private one? HDIFAT?
Is my life organized, under-organized, or over-organized? HDIFAT?
Do my personal goals conflict with the goals of my people? HDIFAT?
There is sibling rivalry in our home. HDIFAT?
HDIF when I am away from my people?
Why do I love you today? HDIFAT?
Do I believe it is important to be on time? HDIFAT?
What was our closest moment as a couple this month? HDIFAT?
Our Sacrament calls us to a good marriage, not just an average one. HDIFAT?
When I say, I love you, is it more of a habit or do I mean it? HDIFAT?
What have I done to show Christ my love for Him? HDIFAT?
Why do (did) I choose to be baptized? HDIFAT?
HDIF when you make a special effort to make me feel important?
Do I want to fit in or stand out? HDIFAT?
HDIF about our preparations as Christmas approaches?
HDIF when I receive a card from you in the mail?
What teachers of mine would I like to honor? HDIFAT?
HDIF when talk about our favorite memories?
HDIF about asking you out and planning the entire date myself, including making the reservations?
How do I behave when my need for belonging is not being met? HDIFAT?
How are we going to make better use of our free time this summer? HDIFAT?
How are we active in our parish or church? HDIFAT?
What outfit do I like best on you? HDIFAT?
HDIF when we plan a vacation?
HDIF about supporting our Encounter / Retrouvaille community?
After a fight: When are we most likely to fight? HDIFAT?
HDIF about becoming holy by being your lover?
Am I suffering any disillusionment in my relationship with my people? HDIFAT?
Do I consider myself to be vengeful? HDIFAT?
What little dreams do I keep in my heart? HDIFAT?
HDIF when I have to work in a group?
When we do a job together I feel _____.
HDIF when we heal each other in dialogue?
HDIF about looking the person in the eye when I say, I am sorry?
What is the meaning of Christmas to me? HDIFAT?
What is the most difficult part of our dialogue? HDIFAT?